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Journey to New Orleans 2009

In February I recieved an invitation by Mrs. Bethany Bultmann, President of the New Orleans Musician Clinic (NOMC). She invited us to hand over our donation of 2008 in the Deutsches Haus New Orleans.

Thomas Gerdiken and Elmar Hoff in New Orleans

So I travelled to New Orleans in April 2009 and handed over 9100 Dollars donation to the NOMC. I also performed with the presentation of the donation a concert and gave the audience an impression about our activities in Germany to keep the New Orleans Music alive. Alltogether also with the help of the Rotary Club Carlton SC from New Orleans thousands of school books could be donated with the money to the pupils of the public schools. The book programm is initiated by the Harrison family who conduct the Guardian Institute in New Orleans 9th Ward.

I was very mightily impressed with the work of the Harrison family to keep Mardi Gras Indian Culture alive in New Orleans 9th Ward. The Harrison´s work especially with young children and teenagers called as  Young Guardians of the Flame and try to keep them off the streets.

Thank you very much to all our friends in New Orleans for your friendship and appreciation.

The institute helps to hand over the tradition of Mardi Gras Indian based on indian and african roots to the next generation. The Guardian Institute bought alltogether 23.000 new books and to distribute them for free to children of public schools in the 9th Wad. One of these books is called „What a Wonderful World“ and it transfers with beautiful paintings the texture of the song to the children.

Thomas Gerdiken mit dem Buch

I was honored by the Guardian Institute for my charity work in Germany. Thank you very much to Bethany and Johann Bultmann and the Harrison family for the unforgetable honour of donor. (Download Certification, PDF) .

E. Hoff, M. Micholopulos, T. Gerdiken

On Friday the world famous Michael Micholopoulos invited us to his vernissage 40anniversary Jazzfest. I had the chance to tell Mr. Micholopoulos a lot about my activities in Germany. In apprecitaion to our work Mr Micholopoulos signed me one of his printings of New Orleans French Quarter.

On Tuesday I had the great pleasure to record in Rampert Street Music Studio together with Alfred Carston´s Joyful Singers. My friend Alfred Carston from Jamalar Entertainment conducts this studio, which is situated directly in the 9th Ward. The studio was completely distroyed by hurricane Katrina in 2005 and rebuilded by my friend Alfred in really hard work. I appreciate very much that he makes after the storm Katrina the decision to stay in 9th Wad and not to leave. It was a great honour to be the first European musician after Katrina to record. Thank you very much, my friend Alfred. We recorded together new interpretations of Fats Domino classics as I´m walkin, Blue Monday and Blueberry Hill (see Downloads). Working together with Alfred and his friends was a great musical experience for me. They gave to my arrangemants this unbeleaveabel Spirit of New Orleans (Big Thanks and Huggs to Alfred and his musical Friends).

Rampert Street Music Studio
T. Gerdiken, M.Rinard, E. Hoff

Wednesday I met Brian Friedman from Times Picayune in Matt Rinard´s gallery in Royal Street. I was featured with my activities in Times Picayune in June 2009.

Download Article Times Picayune (PDF)

And last but not least I visited the great New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. As a musician this festival opened to me a completely new door. Big Stars on Acura Stage like Neil Young and Bonnie Rait where added by great shows in the Gospel, Blues and Jazz Tent. Three days of wonderful music. I had also the great pleasure to meet many of my musician friends and it was a great experience to be part of the game.