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In March 2010 I read about SEEKING SATCH for the first time on, and contacted its organizers. Now I am in very close contact to Ms. Amy Kirk Duvoisin from French Market Cooperation and Mrs Robin Ligon Williams from New Orleans Jazz Institute. Together, we had the idea to bring the winner of the SEEKING SATCH as a GRAND PRIX to Germany. In late May 2010 the 18 year old trumpet player Terry Steve Gibson Jr. winner of SEEKING SATCH and Senior Ambassador of NOJI at UNO came to Germany accompanied by Robin Ligon-Williams.

Robin Ligon Williams, TG and Ehme de Riese

On Sunday the 30th of May, Terry took part in my benefit concert IN THE SPIRIT OF NEW ORLEANS in the Bundeskunsthalle-Bonn, which is the official Museum of the Federal Republic of Germany for an audience of 3000 people. The concert was organized by my friend Klaus Gering, Marketing Director of the Newspaper Bonner Generalanzeiger and Vera Adams, Event Manager of the Bundeskunsthalle.

On Monday Terry, Robin and Thomas were reveived by the Vice President of the University of Osnabrueck Prof. Dr. Martina Blasberg-Kuhnke. The reception was held for the purpose of beginning an extended partnership between the University of New Orleans and the University of Osnabrueck.

The concert was part of SOMMERGARTEN 2010 and held to the benefit of the NEW ORLEANS MUSICIAN CLINICS in New Orleans. Some musicians from famous German artists such as STEFAN GWILDIS, GITTE HAENINNG and ROGER CICERO took part, and Terry and Robin taught us all to be real Second-liners.

On Tuesday we had a wonderful day in Wolfsburg organized by my friend Ehme de Riese who is a big supporter of New Orleans and well-known optician in Wolfsburg. He arranged a reception for us with the Mayor of Wolfsburg, Professor Schnellecke. In the aftenoon we all got a guided VIP tour through the Volkswagen Autostadt. Wolfsburg is the home of the worldwide headquarters of the Volkswagen corporation. In the evening a reception was held for us in the Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg Autostadt.

Robin, TG and Terry visiting Autostadt

Terry was really impressed about all this beautiful old and new cars and gave a spontaneous performance in front of a million dollar silver Bugatti Veyron.
Thank you to Ehme De Riese for this great and unforgetable day.

Wednesday was a great day for Terry as trumpet player. We were in a small music store Gebr. Rolfing in Osnabrueck, where he was looking for a mouth piece for his trumpet. He took one of the trumpets out of the display case... it seemed that this trumpet had waited for Terry for his whole life.

TG and Terry with his new trompet
He sounded incredibly good. It was clear to all of us: Terry has to have this trumpet. The trumpet is from the B&S Company, a Challenger II, worth 2500 US Dollars. So a lot of phone calls had to be made and in the Happy end the CEO of B&S Mr. Gerhard A. Meinl donated the trumpet to Terry. Isn't it funny that we can say now, the new Louis Armstrong from New Orleans is performing on a German trumpet? In my point of view this is the strongest relation we can have between Germany and New Orleans.

Thursday we were invited for a broadcast Radio Bremen by Dr. Wolfgang Rumpf the head of the culture editorial team. Terry was performing with his new horn live. The broadcast was done to the sad fifths anniversary of hurricane Katrina.

Thursday evening Terry took part in a jam session with the music students of the University of Osnabrueck for starting the new partnership between University of New Orleans and the University of Osnabrueck. And Terry really rocked the house.

In addition to these things there a lot of things to tell about newspaper articles and broadcasts. Also about a lot of people who made the visit of Terry and Robin possible. I would like to thank especially Mr.Andreas Bernard who sponsored Terry and Robin's accomodations in his four star RomantikHotel Walhalla for one week.

Terry, Robin, TG and Andreas Bernard Romantic Hotel Walhalla